DIY Stackable teacups for Mad Hatter Tea Party

Nov 20, 2012

I am not a crafty person, so when I was able to execute this craft I was very proud of myself :) This was easy and fun and the end product was adorable and perfect for the Mad Hatter Tea Party I planned.
 I collected all my teacups and saucers that had some kind of flaw, like a chip or crack. These flawed pieces made the perfect items for my stackable teacups! And it brought these teacups and saucers back to life!

Iteims needed
1. 4 -5 teacups and saucers
2.Clear epoxy glue purchased at any craft or home improvement center

 Finished product at party, decorated with books and flowers.
 Do a practice run, place teacups and saucers to your liking before gluing.

Look for the flattest surface to glue. Place glue, place a good amount and hold for 30 or more seconds.

*Photos belong to Rent A Tea Party