Too Hot for Tea

Jul 17, 2009

A quick little shout-out for all you tea-lovers out there...

Recently someone called me to get information on renting tea pieces for her Summer Tea. A bit concerned about mixing the hot weather with hot tea on an August mid-day, I asked myself, "How do you have a tea party in August?" Being the tea connoisseur that I am, I came up with the following:

I created a centerpiece with two cake stands, eight teacups and small potted roses that I put into the teacups. For that extra sweetness, wrapped cookies or small desserts in between the teacups would be very simple, but beautiful! Know that with this little creation, one would have, both, the pretty teacups and the lovely tea party! to keep the chill in the air, just add an ice tea glass and an ice teaspoon to your table instead of a teacup and demi spoon. For the beverage, an addition of pretty glass pitchers with ice cold tea and slices of lemon floating instead of teapots would be a guarantee to beat the heat!

So don't cancel your tea party. Rather, embrace the the tea theme--after all, it's your party and you can do whatever your heart desires! Your friends and family will still enjoy the beautifully-set tea table, decor, scones, drinks and will be thankful for the thrill of the thirst-quenching drink.

Hope you have the perfect tea party!